Strickland No Friend of Eastern Ohio


Wheeling Intelligencer

As Ted Strickland was preparing for a campaign sweep through East Ohio, people who have looked into his record on the critical issue for that region - energy, more specifically coal - were passing judgment on him.

Their verdict: Guilty of abandoning East Ohio.

Strickland, who while governor dug an $8 billion budget hole for the state, wants voters to believe he should replace incumbent U.S. Sen. Rob Portman. 

But Portman has stood up for East Ohio, fighting for the coal industry and warning - rightly, as it turned out - that President Barack Obama wanted to hurt the gas industry, too.

While he was governor, Strickland was a staunch supporter of Obama's war on coal and affordable electricity.

Earlier this month, the United Mine Workers of America's National Coal Miners PAC - officials of which know the defenders and foes of coal well - endorsed Portman. Their verdict tells East Ohio voters all they need to know about Strickland's claim to be a friend to our area. 


Earlier this month, the United Mine Workers of America’s (UMWA) National Council of Coal Miners Political Action Committee (COMPAC) endorsed Rob Portman. The Mine Workers endorsement is an important recognition of Rob Portman's leadership protecting Ohio’s coal jobs, and came as a major blow to Ted Strickland who was endorsed by COMPAC in 2006 and 2010 while running for Governor. 

In their endorsement letter addressed to Rob Portman, COMPAC International President Cecil Roberts and International Secretary-Treasurer Daniel Kane stated, “We very much appreciate the support you have given both active and retired coal miners and their families, especially in such difficult times as the coal industry is experiencing today. Your strong voice in support of our members is an inspiration to us all. We will be actively working among our membership and our communities to inform working and retired Ohioans of our support for you in this year’s election.”