Belmont County

Belmont County Commissioner: 
  • J.P. Dutton

  • Josh Meyer

Belmont County Sheriff:

  • David Lucas (Incumbant)

Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney:

  • Dan Fry (Incumbant)

Belmont County Clerk of Courts:

  • David Trouten, Esq.

Belmont County Coroner:

  • Troy Balgo, DO (Incumbant)

Belmont County Court - Eastern Division:

  • Hon. Albert Davies, III (Incumbant)

State of Ohio:

Ohio State Senator - 30th District:

  • Frank Hoagland

Ohio State Representative - 95th District:

  • Andy Thompson (Incumbant)


President and Vice-President:

  • Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

United States Senator:

  • Rob Portman (Incumbant)

United States Representative:

  • Bill Johnson (Incumbant)